The Steering Committee

A team of 20 Community Members tasked with creating an overall vision along with the main priorities that will guide development through the coming decades.

Andrew Beckler_________________
Andrew is an entrepreneur and an advocate for small business owners, the Outdoor Recreation Coalition and their housing needs for employees and themselves.
Anne Warhover _________________
Anne has spent her career as an affordable housing advocate and led planning teams for mixed use communities.
Cecilia Escobar_________________
Cecilia is a naturalized citizen, a mother of two, a member of Latinx and a local leader who works with community members who are struggling with housing.
Ed MacArthur _________________
Ed is a long time local with extensive experience in development and construction and is chair of the Yampa Valley Bank Board.
Erin Miller _________________
Erin was raised in a YVHA property, works with low-income youth and families and is a strong advocate for young residents struggling with our housing crisis.
Gates Gooding _________________
Gates was raised in Steamboat Springs and is a housing entrepreneur who is known for thinking outside of the box.
Genevieve Kalmes_________________
Genevieve is a CPA and a partner with THPK, PC, and has two young children. She and her husband Pete successfully navigated the difficult process of building their home all on their own, giving her a unique perspective to the challenges of building in Steamboat while on a tight budget.
Kimball Crangle_________________
Kimball moved to Steamboat Springs in 2020 with her family and is currently under construction on a 90-unit workforce housing project in town in partnership with the YVHA.
Kristin Brown Wilson_________________
Kristin is a local physician, a mother of three and a life-long community volunteer who grew up on the Brown Ranch.
Lina Grant _________________
Lina is an amazing single mother of two, an executive assistant and a woman whose life experiences have shaped her passion as an advocate for those who struggle to find safe, stable and affordable housing.
Marsha Daugenbaugh _________________
Marsha is a life-long resident of Routt County and a leader from our ranching community.
Megan Moore-Kemp_________________
Megan is a local leader who, in her work at Yampa Valley Electric Association, advocates for energy solutions which will benefit the community and environment and is deeply committed to attainable housing for families and local workers.
Patrick Phillips_________________
Patrick Phillips recently retired as the Global CEO of the Urban Land Institute, the world’s leading multi-disciplinary organization fostering best practices in affordable housing, sustainability, infrastructure, and economics.
Patrick Staib_________________
Patrick Staib, a CMC Professor of Social Sciences, has decades of experience in community organizing around shared resources and qualitative analysis, and lives with his family in a nearby neighborhood.
Roger Ashton_________________
Roger is a long time YVHA Board member who brings extensive experience, perspective, and context to the process along with a background in affordable housing, marketing and communications.

Sarah Jones_________________
Sarah is a local sustainability and strategic planning leader as well as the Director of Sustainability and Community Engagement for the Steamboat resort.
Tatum Heath _________________
Tatum was raised on a small local ranch and is the Executive Director of Horizons, a nonprofit that works with families and communities to expand opportunities for individuals with cognitive disabilities.
Tim Wohlgenant_________________
Tim Wohlgenant, Executive Director of the Yampa Valley Community Foundation represents local philanthropy and Yampa Valley non-profits and has been a state leader working on land conservation, urban parks and trails development, and the funding and implementation of Colorado’s Water Plan.
Vanessa Avitia_________________
Vanessa is middle school student, a local bilingual, bicultural leader and an advocate for youth and their housing needs.
Webster Jones_________________
Webster has extensive experience as a water resource engineer in Colorado and is currently Board President of the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority focusing on the Yampa/White/Green river basin.