A Path Forward

The Process

The acquisition of the Brown Ranch comes with great expectations, hopes and responsibilities.
The YVHA goal is to thoughtfully plan and develop the land in a manner that is community-driven and affordable to all local income earners.

Within a day of closing on the property in mid-August 2021, the Housing Authority initiated a community-led comprehensive planning process for the Brown Ranch. It included a call for Steering Committee members and a Request for Proposals for Comprehensive Development Plan Technical Consultants. We soon received more than 90 applications for the Steering Committee from residents committed to working hard for the future of our community, and more than ten proposals from all over the country from potential technical consultant teams who were excited by this opportunity.

The applicants for the Steering Committee were a true snapshot of our community, representing a variety of skill sets, viewpoints, and demographics. The twenty who were ratified by the YVHA Board are now meeting weekly. They’re tasked with creating an overall vision along with the main priorities for the property that will guide development through the coming decades.

In October 2021, the YVHA Board unanimously agreed to engage a world-class team of forward-thinking technical consultants to help analyze, guide, and design the community-based vision for the Brown Ranch. Mithun, a national leader in planning, urban design, architecture, landscape architecture and interior design services with intimate connections to Colorado and Steamboat Springs will lead the comprehensive development planning team. The team includes national, as well as local partners.

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Meet the Steering Committee