Planning ahead with the Community in mind

Hopes and Concerns

As we navigate through the Comprehensive Development Plan process, we will be cataloging the hopes and concerns we hear from the community so each can be built on, or addressed.

You can have yours included by emailing us at info@brownranchsteamboat.org

My HOPES for the Brown Ranch are…

…it will be sustainable in every aspect

…it will solve the housing crisis and businesses will be able to find workers

…we will be able to minimize negative impacts on the community

…it will use innovative solutions for water and clean energy

…it will have opportunities for local workers of every income to create housing mobility

…it will address the entry level gap known as the ‘cliff effect’ for those residents who don’t quite qualify for low-income housing, whether for rent or for purchase

…it will include open space, bike paths and walking trails

…it will include a grocery store and other key commercial services for all the west-end neighborhoods

…it will provide opportunities for non-profits to flourish

…it will include a recreation center with a swimming pool

…it will develop a revenue stream(s) that can be used to create more affordable housing

…it will be used as a 100-year resource for future development

…the community can create a compelling vision and think really, really big

…it will bring back the idea that if one works hard and hustles, one should be able to purchase housing in this community

My CONCERNS for the Brown Ranch are…

…it will be just another development that will become too expensive for residents

…the mis-placed expectation that it will be built quickly, which isn’t reality

…the resources (e.g., water) to support it won’t be found

…the historic connection to the site will be lost

…it will create sprawl and more traffic

…it will exacerbate our housing crisis when non-residents hear about it and move here

…prices will be driven up by Air B&B, second homeowners, and location neutral residents

…people will think it is the magic bullet and not just a part of the solution.