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Brown Ranch is a 534-acre property owned by Yampa Valley Housing Authority (YVHA) and located immediately west of Steamboat Springs. Following a community-driven planning process, YVHA will develop Brown Ranch into a series of vibrant, resilient, diverse, and welcoming neighborhoods. Brown Ranch will provide a variety of housing options attainable to the Routt County workforce. There will also be non-residential spaces at Brown Ranch, including vast open space, commercial buildings, and other uses that will complement and contribute to the community.

The Brown Ranch Steering Committee priorities are:

  1. Brown Ranch will provide affordable and attainable housing options for the Routt County workforce in a timely and efficient manner that meets both the urgent and long-term need.
  2. Brown Ranch will provide quality housing that is sustainable yet flexible, modern, efficient, safe, healthy, environmentally responsible, and in harmony with existing natural systems.
  3. The Brown Ranch will be both physically and socially connected to the community, providing opportunity for social cohesion and successful vibrant and healthy lifestyles.
  4. The community driven process to design and develop the Brown Ranch will be inclusive, fact-based, honest, cost efficient and collaborative with all relevant stakeholders.


Yampa Valley Housing Authority is seeking community partnership opportunities to utilize land at Brown Ranch for special residential, commercial, or other community uses. Examples could include a non-profit center, community garden, transitional housing, etc. These projects should be aligned with the Brown Ranch Steering Committee priorities and contribute to the health and resilience of the community.

Please note: these applications do not commit nor obligate either party to a project. Applications will be used by YVHA to evaluate future partnership opportunities and to understand land, water, and energy needs at Brown Ranch.

For organizations/entities interested in a community partnership at Brown Ranch, please download and complete the following application form.

To submit your completed application, or for any questions, email

Brown Ranch will be adding new partnerships as we move forward with the Community Development Plan.