Infrastructure – Meeting Notes March 30th 2022

Published On: March 30th, 2022Categories: Focus Team Updates, Infrastructure

Focus Team: Infrastructure Meeting #7

Date and Location: Wednesday, March 30, 2022 – 443 Oak Nonprofit Center and Zoom

Estimated Attendance: 17 including staff & consultants

Guiding Questions:  

Key Technical Information Shared:  

Ryan Spaustat, technical consultant, shared an overview of key information and conversations from  other Brown Ranch focus teams to date.

The co-chairs and consultants then led a conversation about metrics the infrastructure team can  establish to measure success at Brown Ranch.

Example Water Metrics

  • Water use per household
  • Total water footprint of Phase 1 (including commercial space & shared open space.  Public Input: 

Infrastructure principles and metrics 


  • Quantify water efficiency (for example 30% below typical new building. Or cap on gallons/day for indoor/outdoor combined.
  • “Think 2050 today” – to the extent we can, use anticipated climactic conditions of 2050 to  understand water/energy needs.


  • Add priority about reducing impermeable surfaces.
  • Add “reduce vehicle miles traveled.”
  • Aim for 20% multi-modal reduction, or higher.
  • Metric for internal trip reduction.


  • Add priority about demand management.
  • Consider changing wording on electrification priority.

Storm Water – none to add.

Sustainability – If we follow all the above priorities, we don’t need to add anything to these priorities.