Natural & Built Sustainability – Meeting Notes March 29th 2022

Published On: March 29th, 2022Categories: Focus Team Updates, Natural & Built Sustainability

Focus Team: Natural & Built Sustainability #6

Date and Location: Tuesday, March 29, 2022 – Community Center West Room

Estimated Attendance: 18

Guiding Questions: N/A

Meeting Goals: information sharing, project update, additional community discussion around how the  Sustainability Team can test scenarios and measure success.

Key Technical Information Shared:  

Katie Stege, technical consultant, presented an overview on the work and guiding principles of all other  focus teams throughout this public input process. The principles of other focus teams frequently overlap  with those established by the Sustainability Team. Please see attached slides.

Katie also presented on consultant team & Steering Committee updates and next steps.

  • Using information gathered from focus team meetings and other community outreach,  consultants are establishing a preliminary framework for the “program” at Brown Ranch.  Program = what are we putting on the site and what is the principal character of the site.
  • Next step: testing scenarios on-site to make sure everything fits and works with real-life  conditions!
  • The steering committee recently had a conversation about housing demand and density. Here  are the major outcomes of that conversation:
    • Go as compact as possible to meet overall demand target.
    • The more densely we build, all other metrics improve (affordability, walkability,  percentage of open space).
    • For ever single family detached units we build, we could build 7 multi-family units or 4  single family attached units. A multi-family unit uses less water, has less energy  footprint.

Public Input:  

The Sustainability Team co-chairs and technical consultants led a conversation based on the following  questions: How do we define sustainability success? Which of these metrics resonate with you all? These  are the lenses we will be judging us by when we build Brown Ranch.