Housing & Non-Residential Demand & Project Economics – Joint Meeting Notes March 28

Focus Team: Housing & Non-Residential Demand + Project Economics (Combined)

Date and Location: Monday, March 28, 2022 – Community Center West Room

Estimated Attendance: 30

Guiding Questions: N/A

Key Technical Information Shared: 

Sheila Henderson, Brown Ranch Community Outreach Coordinator, presented an update on the work of  the Brown Ranch Health Equity Team. Part of the scope of this team’s work is to augment the traditional  demand study with additional data from hard-to-reach populations and social service organizations. See  attached slides.

Key findings:

  • New data show many residents in Routt County lacks access to healthy food and cost of food in  Routt County is higher relative to other CO mountain communities. That points to a need for a  grocery store or market at Brown Ranch.
  • 30-35% of households in NW Colorado are “doubled-up”. We believe this is an underestimate  and are working with area non-profits to get more accurate numbers. We don’t know what  percentages is doubled, quadrupled up (density).

• Key piece of data: over 50% of spin-off households (5,999) have income below 30% AMI