Infrastructure & Urban Design – Joint Meeting Notes March 23rd 2022

Published On: March 23rd, 2022Categories: Focus Team Updates, Infrastructure, Urban Design

Focus Team: Urban Design/Infrastructure Meeting: Infrastructure + Urban Design & Non-Residential  Use

Date and Location: Wednesday, March 23, 2022 – Community Center

Estimated Attendance: 29

Guiding Questions:  

  • What are the most important non-residential uses and spaces to have at Brown Ranch to build  community? What’s missing that Brown Ranch could provide Steamboat?
  • What types of Commercial, Civic, and Community spaces should be included at Brown Ranch? • What integrated Infrastructure & Urban Design Principles are most important?
    • Planning?
    • Water?
    • Stormwater?
    • Mobility?
    • Energy?
  • What role do these play in: Health Equity? Sustainability? Project Economics?

Key Technical Information Shared:  

Ryan Spaustat, technical consultant, presented the Infrastructure Team’s work to date and draft  principles. See attached slides. He also shared this key point: if we build non-residential amenities at  Brown Ranch serve not just people who live there (like high school that serves entire community) it will  stress the community infrastructure.

Kristen Belt, technical consultant and project manager, presented on examples of non-residential spaces  that could exist at Brown Ranch to provide necessary services, build community, and reduce need for  vehicle trips across town. She asked the following questions to stimulate conversation: • What daily needs do we want on site to reduce vehicle miles traveled?

  • What types of space help build community?
  • What spaces facilitate health equity and increase opportunity?
  • How do non-residential spaces contribute to overall character of community?  • What opportunities exist to fill gaps that don’t currently exist in Steamboat?  • How will they be paid for?