Housing & Non-Residential Demand – Meeting Notes February 28th

Published On: February 28th, 2022Categories: Focus Team Updates, Housing & Non-Residential Demand

Focus Team: Housing & Non-Residential Demand #3

Date and Location: Monday, February 28, 2022 – Community Center West Room

Estimated Attendance: 22

Guiding Questions:  

  • Do we feel comfortable with the idea that almost all affordable households will be renters, and  preserving mostly move-up ownership?
  • How do we feel about each product type and the households served? Do these appropriately  address the need?
  • Who are we missing and what types of housing would be suitable for them? How do we capture  those needs and voices?

Key Technical Information Shared: 

Dana Schoewe, Vice President RCLCO, shared preliminary findings in RCLOC’s housing demand study,  with a focus on household segmentation. See attached slides.

Public Input: 


Q: Will there be rent to own opportunities?


Q: Does the demand analysis include people who live in Moffat County but work in Routt County?  A: RCLCO didn’t specifically look at demand from outside the county.

Q: Will data compiled in other community outreach (employers, marginalized folks, etc.) be shared with  focus teams?

A: That data will be shared with the technical consultants and factor heavily into the Comprehensive  Development Plan.

Q: How do we preserve homeownership opportunities?

A: Deed restrictions and community land trust (come to Stewardship/Econ meeting this Wednesday 3/2).