Focus Team Weekly Report – February 18th 2022

Published On: February 18th, 2022Categories: Focus Team Updates, Focus Team Weekly Report

Review: Week of February 14 – 18, 2022  

  • Housing & Non-Residential Demand #1 – February 14, 2022
  • Natural and Built Sustainability #3 – February 15, 2022
  • Infrastructure #3 – February 16, 2022
  • Urban Design #2 – February 16, 2022
  • Stewardship & Project Economics #1 – February 16, 2022

Combined Focus Team Attendance Total: ~120

Top 10 things we heard 

  • Brown Ranch should provide a “mosaic of housing” (many different types of housing so there is  opportunity for mobility from one housing type to another as personal circumstances change).
  • This project should prioritize the “cliff effect” families and middle-income residents. The gap is  only widening between low and high income, but Steamboat is losing working class employees  because there is not a good solution for that middle ground – and the middle ground is  disappearing.
  • Deed Restrictions are a polarizing issue and must be explored in-depth as a long-term  affordability (stewardship) mechanism.
  • Homebuyer education will be an important part of implementing the vision at Brown Ranch.
  • Density should be a guiding philosophy: concentrated density comes with more open space,  shared and conserved resources, and opportunities to connect with neighbors.
  • Design to conserve natural resources. For example, Brown Ranch should be a low flow  development. To conserve energy, consider use of ground source heat pumps.
  • Consider strategies to retain western heritage/character of the site. For example, consider  preserving barn and horse stable and use for 4H or riding lessons, community farm, etc. Partner with CSU Extension. Community gardens could be great to build community. Also allows for  higher density development where people can still have their own gardens.
  • Design of Brown Ranch should incorporate and tie into the things we like about other parts of  Steamboat Springs and Routt County. For example, people love the walkability and human, “pedestrian scale” of Old Town Steamboat, its neighborhood feel, and that it contains an  eclectic diversity in architectural styles.
  • Focus on strategies that reduce car traffic, and promote connectivity: Provide everyday  amenities (childcare, grocery, medical, etc.) within the site; Make walking, biking, and transit the  easiest option; prioritize safety for pedestrians and cyclists; provide a transit center within the  site.
  • Be sure that transportation corridors are connected to the rest of town. People who live at  Brown Ranch should be able to safely access the rest of town.