Focus Team Weekly Report – January 31st 2022

Published On: January 31st, 2022Categories: Focus Team Updates, Focus Team Weekly Report

Review: Week of January 31st 

  • Infrastructure – 1/31/22
  • Natural and Built Sustainability – 2/1/22

Combined Focus Team Attendance Total:  ~35

Top 10 things we heard

  • Be sure to conduct initial surveys/inventories of existing Cultural (archaeological) and botanical/biological assets existing before groundbreaking.
  • Brown Ranch may be an opportunity for reconciliation with the Ute. Opportunity to make room for all voices and cultures and involve Ute. Consider setting aside part of land for Ute. Apology event? Consider learning from Ute re traditional sustainability methods.
  • Can Brown Ranch provide an opportunity to get all new homes in Routt County plumbed for the ability to have grey water systems installed?
  • Extend Core Trail and make sure there is an opportunity to safely cross US 40 to West End Village and Brown Ranch.
  • Walkability is important! Include soft surface paths and design compact & inclusive development (childcare, groceries, etc.) to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Integrate environmental best practices on the front end of planning. Enhance Slate Creek riparian corridor; Make sure there are wildlife crossings; preserve meaningful open space; Is there a natural percentage of open space set aside?
  • Strive for net zero and all electric. When we talk about affordable housing, we need to also talk about reducing electric bills for residents in the long-term.
  • Importance of materials: use good insulation for energy efficiency. Pick materials that require minimal long-term maintenance. Equity! Do not use lowest quality materials with lowest priced houses.
  • Design for passive solar gain, which is free.
  • Conservation is important: reserve land for future phases; focus on water conservation.